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ArcheRage Gifts for ArcheRage 8.0


Dungeon Master
Staff member
In celebration for the release of ArcheRage 8.0 we have prepared gifts for all of our players!

In order to receive this gift, you need to go to your personal account on our website after 8.0 has been installed on the server and then browse to the gift section and select the Appreciation Gift.

  • You need to have atleast 1 character level 1.
  • Your account cannot be banned.
  • Your account has to be created prior to 8.0.
  • The gift can be claimed for 3 weeks after 8.0 goes live.

The player will receive all of the Items from the General Tab and 1 random item from each other tab.
  • ArcheRage Spelldance Giftpack contains:
    Bound Ultimate Elixir of the Hunt x2
    Festive Chocolate x5
    Bite-Sized Cake x5
    Nayah Luna Bubbly x10
    Cloaked Lustrous Migration Talisman x1
    Hiram Gladiator's Supplies x1
    Valuable Pouch x1
    Daily Gift x1
    Glart (30 days) x1
    Rose Knight Weapon Box x1
    Cozy Bird Cage x1
    Ezi's Vessel x1
    Magic ArcheRage Flag x1
    Party Hat x1
    Plushie Pet x1
    Battle Pet Live Figurine x2
    Kart Model x1
    Steamracer Leathers x1
  • Daily Gift – 7 boxes with various items that can be opened once a day.
    Hiram Gladiator's Supplies – provides a set of Hiram scrolls, infusions, weapon and armor.
    Nayah Luna Bubbly - big head for 7 minutes.
    Valuable Pouch - contains: Merit Badges, Manastorm Crystals, Login Badge, Loyalty Tokens, Ewan's Rune Rank 1.
    Magic ArcheRage Flag – 5 options to choose from: Wall Flag, Banner, Flag, Prosperity Flag, Balloon.
    Plushie Pet - provides one random plushie pet from the list: Narayana Plushie Pet, Greenman Plushie Pet, Cottage Plushie Pet, Pirate Plushie Pet, Daru Plushie Pet, Cow Plushie Pet, Autumn Greenman Plushie Pet.
    Live Figurine - provides 2 random battle pet figurines from the list: Oskmir Live Figurine, Chadwick the Bold Live Figurine, Dream Clock Sleepy Live Figurine, Pygmy Fiend Live Figurine, Wreath Sprite Silica Live Figurine, Little Witch Live Figurine.
    Kart Model - provide 1 random Kart Model from the list: Cow Kart Model, Yata Kart Model, Greenman Kart Model.