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Kakao Games Merit Coin


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Merit Coin

Event Period​

January 18 (Thurs), 2024 after maintenance–February 1 (Thurs), 2024 before maintenance

Event Details​

Merit Coin​

  • You can obtain the "Merit Coin" by completing the Crimson Rift and Grimghast Rift quests during the event period.
  • You can collect Merit Coins and exchange them for rewards at the "Merit Coin Exchanger" found at Austera, Marianople, and Growlgate Isle Faction Base.

Quest Info​

  • You can get 1 "Merit Coin" for each stage of the Crimson Rift quest.
Quest NameAdditional Rewards
Crimson Omens 1–5Merit Coin x1
Defeat the Nightmare Bowstring!Merit Coin x1
Defeat the Nightmare Blade!Merit Coin x1
Defeat the Nightmare GlaiveMerit Coin x2
Halting the Crimson Tide 3 & 4Merit Coin x2

Exchangeable Rewards​

Reward ItemTrade TypeRequired Coins
Ipnysh Earrings Crate x1Cannot be traded90
Mirage Weapon Anchoring Tempering Charm x1Cannot be traded90
Mirage Armor Anchoring Tempering Charm x1Cannot be traded45
Mirage Serendipity Stone x1Cannot be traded75
ArchePass XP BoostCannot be traded30
Bound Worn Costume x1Cannot be traded30
1-Day Labor Recharger x1Cannot be traded18
Manastorm Crystal x2Cannot be traded9
Decrystallization Scroll x1Cannot be traded75
Honorforged Medal x1Cannot be traded20
Luna Charm Rank 1 x1Cannot be traded15
Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x4Cannot be traded12
Ipnya's BlessingCannot be traded15
Bound Hereafter Stone x1Cannot be traded1

Tribute for Local Development​

  • When you defeat the boss monster that appears at Crimson Rift and Grimghast Rift during the event period, 50 Tribute for Local Development Trade Packs will appear around the area.
  • You can take the Trade Packs and deliver them to the Community Center Manager to exchange them for 3 Onyx Archeum Essences.

Boss Monster Info​

Appears AtMonster NameTrade Pack
Crimson RiftShadow FangTribute for Local Development x50
Grimghast RiftNightmare GlaiveTribute for Local Development x50

Trade Pack Exchange Location​

  • The amount of exchanges made will not affect the Trade Pack prices.
AreaNPC Name
YnystereCommunity Center Manager Lomian
Cinderstone MoorCommunity Center Manager Bastian


  • Your character needs to be Lv30+ to participate in the Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift quests.
  • The Merit Coin and Merit Coin Exchanger will disappear after the maintenance on February 8 (Thurs), 2024.
  • The Mirage Weapon/Armor Anchoring Tempering Charm and Mirage Serendipity Stone will disappear 7 days after they have been obtained.
  • The Tribute for Local Development will disappear if it's not collected for 30 minutes.
  • All event items cannot be restored.